Debits (per item)

Debits (includes: cheques pre-authorized debits, MemberCard purchases, bill payments, ATM withdrawals, etc.)
1 free $1.50 debit item fee after which it’s $1.50 per additional debit item fee

MAXA Member Card

ATM withdrawals - Acculink Network of Canada
ATM withdrawals - Interac Network Canada wide
ATM Withdrawals - International
Replacement of MemberCard - Lost, Damaged, Stolen
Interac Flash Disabling Fee


Online transfer to another MAXA account
Registered direct transfer from another financial institution
MAXA Interac e-Transfers® (send/request)
MAXA Interac e-Transfers® (cancel)
Registered direct transfer to another financial institution
Electronic Funds Transfer - set up
Electronic Funds Transfer - changes
MAXA Support Team Assisted Transfer (excluding investments)
MAXA Support Team Assisted Bill Payment

Stop Payment

Stop payment - all information
Stop payment - incomplete information


GIC Confirmations - Mailed
$10.00 per item
GIC Confirmations - Faxed Local
$2.00 per item
GIC Confirmations - Faxed within Canada
$3.00 per item
GIC Confirmations - Faxed outside Canada
$5.00 per page
Primary Orders
Mail fee
Personalized Cheque Order
24 cheques - $21.00
12 cheques - $18.90

MAXA Financial Membership

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