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Yes. All your MAXA Financial deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.

A $5.00 share provides you with the full features of a MAXA Financial membership.

You can deposit funds to your account by:

  • Taking a picture of a cheque using Deposit Anywhere,
  • Mailing us a cheque,
  • Deposit using an ATM,
  • Completing an Electronic Funds Deposit Form,
  • Completing a Direct Transfer In for Registered Plans if your funds are held in a registered plan elsewhere, or
  • Send yourself an eTransfer (limits apply).

We make banking easy with us. Please refer to the MAXA Services for more information.

You can access your money by:

  • Writing a cheque,
  • Sending an eTransfer (limits apply),
  • Using an ATM, or
  • Making arrangements to the crediting financial institution on their available options.

MAXA Financial offers only personal accounts at this time.

Our High Interest Savings Account is designed as an investment tool, earning higher interest. We offer the convenience of cheques, ATM withdrawals, POS purchases and electronic bill payments for the benefit of our members. Over limit transactions surcharges may apply.

A current list of fees is available on our Fee For Service page.

Yes, our e-Statements are available when accessing online banking from a desktop computer.

You can visit any credit union ATM to change your PIN. You will need to know your current PIN in order to complete this. You can also ask any credit union across Canada who may be able to help you with this if you do not know your PIN. Find an ATM or credit union near you.

Yes, our registered plans require an initial deposit.

To make a deposit when completing your application for your registered plan you can:

  • Complete a deposit form accompanied by a cheque,
  • Use the Electronic Funds Deposit form, or
  • Use the Direct Transfer In for Registered plans form if your funds are currently held in a registered plan elsewhere.

Yes, please follow the instructions on this page.

At this time MAXA Financial does not offer trust accounts.

Similar to all financial institutions, MAXA Financial has e-Transfer limits. To find out what our limits are, please contact our MAXA Financial support team.