Service Fees are Increasing.

Effective Saturday, June 1st, 2019, a few service fees are increasing and new service fees are being implemented.

At MAXA Financial we believe, it is good business practice to regularly review, not just our fee structure, but also our products and services. We want to always ensure we are meeting the evolving needs of our membership on an ongoing basis.

Changes to service fees include but are not limited to:

  • Debit transaction items over the account limit.
  • Immediate service fees such as: MAXA Support Team assisted bill payments, Interac ATM withdrawals, etc.

Below are the revised fees which will be effective from June 1st, 2019.









How might this change impact me?

Our High-Interest Savings Account offers exceptional rates with the convenience and flexibility to make meeting your financial goals easy. If you use this account primarily as a savings vehicle, then this change will have minimal impact on you. Deposits will remain free and you will still receive one free debit item per month.

If you’re using your High-Interest Savings Account for withdrawals on a regular basis, let’s talk about how these changes may impact you. If you’re interested in talking about your options, please connect with us by:

  • Calling MAXA Support at 1-866-366-MAXA;
  • Emailing;
  • Using the orange chat button on the bottom right hand of your desktop or tablet.