Delay in January e-Statements

UPDATE: e-Statements are now available.

We have received notification there is a delay in accessing our January e-Statements through online banking. In the meantime, our online banking is fully operational and you are still able to view your account history. We will notify you as soon as these are available and apologize for any inconvenience!

Fraud Prevention

Each day, a new type of fraud is invented. Fraudsters are becoming more and more sophisticated, so it’s important to learn how to recognize when a scam is truly a scam in order to protect yourself.

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Annual General Meeting

As a subsidiary of Westoba Credit Union, MAXA Financial members are able to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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We have Removed Electronic Funds Transfer Fees!

We've listened to your member feedback, and effective as of April 1st, our Electronic Funds Transfer fees for MAXA are now free! This applies to the following service fees:

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