FLASH MemberCards


Get your shopping done in a FLASH…

TAP and GO! Quickly and safely make smaller everyday purchases without inserting your card or PIN.

How do you get one?

They are being mailed to you! Starting June 4th, look for your new MemberCard in your mailbox. For security reasons, new MemberCards are being delivered in two batches, so don’t worry if a family member or friend receives their card first, yours will come in the mail soon.

What’s also great about them?

They are ready for use! No need to change your MemberCard PIN or your online banking PAC. All your old codes (or passwords) will work! That means you just need to:

  1. Destroy your old MemberCard; and
  2. TAP and GO! You’re on your way to quickly and safely making everyday purchases in a FLASH.

When it comes to your online and mobile banking, depending on what you currently have set up, there could be some updates that you might need to make. Here’s a list of what could be impacted:

  • eTransfer profiles need to be recreated;
  • memorized account features need to be reprogrammed; and
  • QuickView on your mobile app needs to be setup again.

If you don’t use any of the above features, you don’t need to change anything at all!

Not sure what FLASH is all about? Learn more by reading our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have questions about your new MemberCard, contact us by:

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