1. Before you begin, ensure you have a signed notarized electronic copy of the Power of Attorney (POA) document.
    Note: If you do not have a copy, then contact your Lawyer to provide one. Once available, start the Power of Attorney request.
  2. Provide Contact information for the Account holder and the Account holder’s Power of Attorney designates.
    • Full Legal Name(s), Phone number, email address for each designate.
  3. Complete the Contact US – POA form and attach the Power of Attorney document.
  4. Next, complete the Application process, click GET STARTED at the top of your screen.
    • If the request is for a new membership and to add POA, the Account holder, and each designate must complete the application process.
    • If the request is for an existing member who needs to add POA then, each designate listed in the POA document must apply.
  5. Information the Power of Attorney designate must select when completing the MAXA Financial application.
    “Power of Attorney Applicant’s Responsibility
  • There are 3 sections you need to select to ensure we know that the request is for POA.

A. Check off the box Power of Attorney (POA). A message displays
All actions completed by the attorney(s) must be exclusively for the benefit of th donor. The attorney(s) may not deal with the donor’s property for their own personal purposes. Each attorney is aware of this limitation.

B. “What will you use your account for?” – Select from the list POA on Account for the question

C. “What is the purpose and intended nature of your business relationship with MAXA Financial?” – Select POA on Account.


By completing the application process you are signing to consent to allow MAXA to verify your Identity through the Credit Bureau report process.

By checking the Acknowledgement box below, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Once the Application(s) are received, we will review to ensure nothing was missed. If we need more information, then someone from MAXA Financial will contact you using the contact information provided.

The POA can be added to the membership however no online banking access can be granted. Option add Deposit Only debit card for the designates so they can deposit cheques or cash through the ATM or view balance inquiries.

We only accept electronic notorized copies of Lawyer issued Power of Attorney documents.

Yes, we take cybersecurity very seriously and place utmost importance on your information being secure.

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