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FLASH MemberCards FAQs

 Flash Cards


Frequently Asked Questions about the new FLASH technology.

Q: Why am I receiving a new MemberCard?

A: MAXA Financial switched card providers in order to provide you with expanded online and convenient technology services.

Q: Is there something wrong with my current card?

A: No, there’s nothing wrong with your old card, but your new MemberCard has INTERAC Flash technology, so you can TAP and GO!

Q: I haven’t received my card yet, is there a problem?

A: For security reasons, new MemberCards are being delivered in two batches, so don’t worry if a family member or friend receives their card first, yours will come in the mail soon.

Q: Will I have to change my PIN and MemberDirect Personal Access Code (PAC)

A: NO!! Your PIN will automatically transfer to your new MemberCard, same as your online and mobile banking PAC number will also be transferred over.

But you will need to enter your new card 19 digit MemberCard number along with your existing PAC when you log in into online banking for the first time. It’s a bit different as your old MemberCard had 16 digits.

Q: I used my new card but the tap feature did not work. Why?

A: The first time you use your new MemberCard with INTERAC Flash technology at a Point of Sale (POS) terminal or ATM you will need to enter your PIN so the system can verify your card. Once you enter your PIN once, you can begin to use the tap feature. Remember that daily and spending limits apply.

Q: Are there daily spending limits with my new MemberCard?

A: Yes, there are transaction and daily Flash limits. To learn more about these limits please call 1-866-366-MAXA.

Q: Why are there transaction and daily limits with the new MemberCards?

A: The limits are in place to protect members should your card be lost or stolen. Because INTERAC Flash transactions take place in real time, daily and transaction limits ensure that members will not be liable for losses from unauthorized use.

Q: Do I need to change my online or mobile banking profile?

A: Though your PIN and PAC numbers remain the same, depending on what features you currently have for your online and mobile banking set up, you may be required to update your profile.  This includes:

·        e-transfer profiles need to be recreated;

·        your memorized account features need to be reprogrammed;

·        and the QuickView option on your mobile app will need to be set up again.

Q: Can deactivate my INTERAC Flash feature?

A: Yes, the INTERAC Flash feature can be removed; however a fee will be applied. Cards with INTERAC Flash are the safest method of payment today as they offer EMV chip processing technology. EMV technology provides the highest processing security available and ensures that Flash transactions with your new MemberCard are fast, convenient and secure.

Q: Can I continue to use my existing MemberCard?

A: Your existing card will no longer work after July 31, 2018, but your new card is ready to use immediately. You don’t need to change your PIN or your MemberDirect online banking PAC. That means all you need to do is to DESTROY your old MemberCard and start using your new Flash enabled card to quickly and safely make everyday purchases without inserting your card or PIN. Just TAP and GO!

Q: How do I know if I’ve reached my daily limit?

A: No need to track how much you’ve spent because the system terminal will know when you’ve reached the daily limit and will prompt you to enter your PIN.

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