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Enhancing your security on CU@Home

Beginning June 5th 2012, CU@Home will change from a one-step to a two-step login process.  This Increased Authentication process is designed to safeguard your information while still allowing you convenient access to your online information.  Set-up is simple – just follow the prompts provided after initial login.


The new features include:

  • Three security questions with corresponding answers.  This ensures the person logging in, is the person that owns the account.
  • Photo and caption of your choice.  These will appear exactly the same during every subsequent login, on the page that requires your Personal Access Code (PAC).  When you see your chosen photo and caption you’ll know you’re logging in to the legitimate CU@Home website.  If you don’t see your chosen photo and caption, don’t enter any further information and call TeleService for assistance.
  • “Register this computer”. This feature allows you to by-pass the security questions when you login from the computer you have registered.  This feature is recommended for your personal home computer only. 

Every time you receive a new MemberCard you will be asked to re-register for this Increased Authentication service.


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